Dark Sun: A Past World Palls; D&D 4e

1/10/2013 recap: Marauders End

Sand began spilling into the dungeon. Shakon, Darrok, and Karmon narrowly escaped being buried alive. They defeated the monstrous snake in the final hall and discovered a fragment of a crown. They eascaped through the sealing, finding a rare spring to drink from. They defeated a band of Tareks, and stole their small silt skiff to escape being caught by what appeared to be a giant slithering castle.

(The players completed the adventure marauders of the dune sea. It only took since summer 2012.)

Items acquired:
-Crown of Dust (crown fragment)
-Sandstorm Weapon: Carrikal
-2 Rubies
-Urikite Coins
-Beetles and Fruit (all consumed)



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