Dark Sun: A Past World Palls; D&D 4e


Brief recap: A happenstance intrusion into a street battle within the walls of the newly freed Tyr, Karmon and Shakon were defeated by a Templar (as he must be since he openly sinned by using arcane magic). Rather than die or awake shackled in the slave markets, our heroes found themselves in a hazy room with a newly inscribed scorpion tattoo on the inner left wrist. Shakon had a psionic vision in his dream, with nearly hallucinogenic realism. The image of a plain face seated in sand lead the pair through a desert filled with raider camps and crystalline spiders directly to the moth of a cave, carved into a face- at the heart of a stationary sand tornado.

The team defeated a hedjekin tribe, and opened the entrance to a hidden temple. Two undead, with preserving sand spilling from their orifices, and two flaming bodies of human bone killed Karmon and did nearly the same to Shakon. Shakon saved Karmon by discovering a strage fluid filled with light and vitality, and subsequently killed her again by spoon feeding her a similarly powerful but incompatible fluid.

Shakon lies in the halls of a Temple, a weeks journey into the hellish desert, with only his the corpse of his effeminate counterpart to call his friend.

Perhaps the soul does not leave the body as an entity, but rather coalesces into the endless seas of eternity. But the one thing you remember from your time under is blackness. What this means is at Karmon’s discretion, but the one feeling she could not shake was that this meant that her life in this hell is real. There is no other life. Few Athasian philosophers have heard of “planes,” fewer understand them. It is only through epiphanic fear that you begin o juggle with these terms. Then you die.



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