Karmon Helios

Your friendly, neighborhood warlord.


Female Human, Rogue lvl 3. Age 18


At age 18, Karmon has seen more warfare in her brief years than most warriors do in a lifetime.

Easily underestimated at 5’8", Karmon can usually use this to her advantage in a scrap. She has a tight, muscular build with wavy blonde hair that bounces down past her shoulders. Her blue eyes are accented by the bright feathers of her armor that also adorn her hair. Warpaint, blood and sweat is usually smeared across her face in various places. Often barefoot, Karmon has little sense of social etiquette. She has a bright smile than almost always adorns here framed face, and a cheery demeanor that rubs off on others. Quick to laugh and make light of serious situations has allowed Karmon to stay focused in the heat of battle when all hope seems bleak. She has a pretty short attention span and can be impatient. Karmon is open-minded and very tolerant (or oblivious) to other peoples differences and their race.

She grew up in the dunes of the Great Ivory Plain. Raised by her parents, she was taught to use a sword a spear and a shield. Ranged weaponry, while useful has never appealed as much to Karmon as the clean slash made by a kukri. She was taught deadly hand to hand combat as well as put through many many trials of physical fitness, because in Athas, only the strongest survive. In her youth she often traveled alone in the desert scouting for food and adventure. She would bring back supplies and munitions for her clan and was regarded as a great asset and a powerful warrior. In her teenage years she gained the right to where the ceremonial ‘rabbit ears’ of her clan. Two 12" feathers are placed in a headband behind the ears. The “rabbit ears” are a sign of leadership among members, a very rare occurrence for a female in the barbarian tribes of Athas.

When she reached adulthood, she was put in charge of her own cadre of able warriors. She was very successful in raids and head to head warfare, bringing back many hides of many men and beasts for her people. She has fought in many conflicts in her short years and was made the leader of her peoples. She donned the feather armor of her clan and painted ’robin’s egg blue’ stripes across her skin and face to mark this position of leadership. She is the first female warlord of the Great Ivory Plain.

While returning home from a warring campaign, her legions were beset by a terrible creature. She was thrown from a cliff where she was knocked unconscious. Several days later, she awoke and began to stumble through the desert searching for her family and friends.

Karmon Helios

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